How to escape the debt trap

Avoid a Bad Credit Record if you want to obtain a loan in future

Sometimes people fall into the never-ending trap of accumulating debt without budgeting beforehand to see if they can afford the monthly payments. Soon they find themselves with a judgment granted against them by a court, which means they are blacklisted on the credit bureau’s. Obtaining a loan with a traditional financial institution after you have been reported to a credit bureau is virtually impossible.

To avoid a Bad Credit Record is what should have been done in the first place because of the negative influence it has on loan applications. It is recommended that you work out a payment plan with your creditor(s) – most of them will accept a smaller monthly payment as opposed to no payment at all. Pay off all your accounts before buying anything on credit ever again.

Loans for people with bad credit rating

People with bad credit records usually don’t have any savings funds to fall back onto in the case of an emergency, etc. loss of income, car accident, hospital bills, excess payments on insurance. When you  need money desparately but have been reported and you have no nest egg to fall back on, where do you turn to?

Many people don’t know this – even with your bad credit history you can still obtain a personal loan. Yes, it’s true!  Loans of up to R200 000 are now available from Bad Credit Loans. No matter the reason why you need the loan – we can assist you – even if you want to buy a car with the money!

Best Bad Credit Loans Company SA

How do we provide loans for people who are blacklisted?

Thanks to the strategic partnerships that we have formed with loan providers we can assist you in obtaining a bad credit loan and have an answer for you within a few to 24 hours after we have received your online application.  Yes, it is as easy as that – If you are 18 years and older with an income of R1500 per month, your own bank account and are a South African citizen – simply complete the online application in the comfort of your own home and submit. Depending on the amount that you loan, the repayment period will be between 12-72 months.

The fact that you have a bad credit history certainly doesn’t mean that you cannot start over again and build your financial reputation again. With a cash loan for people with bad credit you can pay off all your debt and make a fresh start and have that judgement removed from your name.

We have been providing thousands of loans for people who are blacklisted – shouldn’t you join our happy clients?






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